Sample Rater & Senior Rater Army OER Bullet Comments - Citizen Soldier Resource Center (2023)

Today, I want to share somesample Army OER Rater & Senior Rater bullets and comments. I’ll use some real comments from my own OERs, and I’ll share examples that viewers submitted to me. I’ve changed each person’s name to protect their identity. Let’s get started.

Writing OERs

As you move up through the ranks as an Army Officer, normally beginning at the rank of Captain, you will write OERs for your subordinate officers. This is an important task you should not take lightly. In fact, you should put SERIOUS thought and consideration into each person’s comments, whether you are their rater or senior rater, because their OER has a huge impact on their future promotions and assignments.

Be specific, not vague. Don’t make generalized comments. Try to keep your emotions of out it and be factual. My best piece of advice is to edit your OER comments at least THREE times (over a period of several days) before you finalize it. This will allow you to think through the comment and create the best (and most accurate) version possible.

Sample Rater & Senior Rater Army OER Bullet Comments - Citizen Soldier Resource Center (1)

Sample Army OER Rater Comments

Sample Army OER Rater Bullet# 1

During this rating period, CPT Holmes has demonstrated that he is an excellent Officer and company commander. Since assuming command, CPT Holmes improved morale by developing an effective rewards program resulting in 15 Achievement Medals, 8 Driver’s Badges, and numerous coins and COA’s. He also promoted six soldiers and re-enlisted 4 of 5 eligible soldiers. CPT Holmes improved APFT-qualified soldiers from 20 to 33, and graduated 10 soldiers from NCOES and MOSQ schools. CPT Holmes improved his assigned strength by 7% and physically present for duty strength by 19%. He achieved these results by conducting five recruiting events and enrolling 38 Soldiers in the State G-Rap Program. Moreover, he did not have one soldier on non-val pay during the entire rating period. CPT Holmes was the recipient of a Certificate of Honorable Mention from the ATAG of Maryland for the recruiting and retention efforts. In order to improve unit readiness, CPT Holmes established a Family Support Group and monthly newsletter. CPT Holmes completed all logistical missions on time and to standard; to include fuel transport, Class V delivery and a high-profile support mission for the USMC. CPT Holmes simultaneously served on an ADSW tour for three months as the G3 Project Officer. He also graduated the Information Operations 101 Course.

Comments on Potential for Promotion: CPT Holmes has demonstrated the potential to serve in senior company grade and junior field grade assignments in CSS. Promote ahead of peers; unlimited potential.

Sample Army OER Rater Bullet # 2

CPT Holmes did an amazing job creating a technically and tactically proficient company that is motivated, trained and disciplined and capable of completing any combat deployment. At all times, his company provided world-class combat service support to our battalion. Some highlights include 590.5 man hours of maintenance completed, 100+ vehicles repaired, and Operational Readiness Rate in excess of 94%, prepared 6,000 meals, issued 8,000 gallons of fuel, and issued 200,000 rounds of ammunition without incident. In January 2009, he deployed his company to Washington D.C. in support of the 56th Presidential Inauguration and successfully operated a Traffic Control Point. To improve his unit readiness, CPT Holmes increased his unit strength from 85 to 101, a 20% increase. He also improved the DMOS rate from 88% to 93% while maintaining a non-val pay rate of less than 1%. Moreover, he promoted 17 soldiers, graduated 52 soldiers from military schools and extended 9 of 11 eligible soldiers. To recognize his Soldiers’ performance, he presented 53 achievement awards and presented 2 Soldiers with the Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe. To improve his professional development, he completed 4 military courses to include: Combined Arms Exercise (CAX), Project Management, Strategic Planning and Basic Accounting.

Comments on Potential for Promotion: CPT Holmes is a talented logistician and leader who has demonstrated the potential to serve in senior company grade and field-grade positions within the CSS field. Give him tough assignments; he will excel in any position. Promote ahead of peers. Unlimited potential.

Sample Army OER Rater Bullet # 3

During this short rating period, CPT Holmes did an exceptional job leading his Soldiers. CPT Holmes is an experienced, confident, loyal and ultimate team player and leader who always does whatever it takes to make sure the mission is done and done right. In addition to providing world class combat service support to our battalion, he also significantly improved the readiness and morale of his company. Some of his key accomplishments include 5 re-enlistments, 6 promotions, 19 Soldiers graduated from either MOSQ or NCOES, and a company Non-Val Pay of less than 1%. Next, his Maintenance Section maintained an Operational Readiness Rate in excess of 95%, while repairing 10+ vehicles. He completed his change-of-command inventory with zero discrepancies or shortages. Finally, CPT Holmes was selected to serve as the 70th Regiment S4 Officer, a position above his current pay-grade. He will be greatly missed in our battalion and within his company.

Comments on Potential for Promotion: CPT Holmes is an intelligent, disciplined and professional leader, officer and logistician. Continue to give him the toughest assignments. He is sure to excel. He has a very bright future ahead of him. Unlimited potential. Promote ahead of peers.

Sample Army OER Senior Rater Comments

As a senior rater, you have a vital role in the promotion eligibility and career opportunities for the people you evaluate.When promotion boards review the person’s evaluation reports, they will focus on the senior rater comments, not the rater’s comments.

Therefore, it’s critical that you do your job well and make sure the report is accurate, factual, and detailed.That means that everyone gets an OER that reflects their actual performance and potential.In other words, you don’t give a dirt-bag officer a marginal OER because you feel bad for him.Instead, you give him a dirt-bag OER.

You make sure your average officers get average OERs. And you ensure your studs and superstars get a “superstar” type of OER.Don’t play it safe. Don’t be scared to write an OER that needs to be written. Does that make sense?After all, the Army relies on you to evaluate your subordinates’ potential and performance.

In addition, you must ensure the information you write in the senior rater section of the OER is as specific as possible. When possible, use numbers, goals, specific achievements, readiness rates, Soldiers trained, and any other quantifiable number you can get. This is what the promotion boards are looking for. If you just use “generic statements” you are doing the person you senior rate a huge injustice.

The only way towrite an accurate OERis to be activelyinvolved with each officer throughout the entire OER process. That means that you must interact with everyone you senior rate, throughout the entire rating period. You need to learn their strengths, weaknesses, personalities, goals, desires, etc.If you don’t do this, you really aren’t qualified to provide senior rater bullets (just my thoughts).Just keep this in mind before you prepare more OERs.

One of the best things you can do is sit down with each one of the officers you senior rate at least once a quarter, so you can learn more about them. Even if you can only invest 20-minutes with each person that you senior rate, each quarter, you should do it. Talk to them. Ask questions. Listen. Find out what makes them tick, what their goals are, and what they think about their own performance.Take notes. You will learn more in 20-minutes that you could through 50 emails or 10 phone conversations.

You should also have frequent talks with the officer’s rater to find out what they think about the person.But whatever you do, make sure you form your own judgment. Don’t let the rater persuade you that someone is a superstar or dud. Trust your own instincts and do your own homework.You owe it to each person that you senior rate to do that.

What I’d like to do in the rest of this page is give you some examples of Army OER senior rater bullets and sample senior rater comments. You can use this information as a reference when you are preparing your senior rater comments.Listed below are five sample senior rater bullets from actual OERs.Some are excellent, while others are average.I just want to share different perspectives to get you thinking.

To write proper comments for each block you fill out as a rater you have to do three things. First, you need a rater philosophy that allows you to discern what constitutes a good and average rating You have to talk to of the officers you rate and ensure they understand your philosophy. Second, you have to spend time with and actually know the officers you rate. If you don’t you will always make poor choices. Finally, you have to dig through ADRP 6-22 and FM 6-22 to develop the comments for each officer. ~ John C. via Rally Point

Sample Senior Rater Bullets # 1

MAJ James is a vital asset to our unit and the Texas Army National Guard as a whole.MAJ James is very committed to helping his organization, in any capacity.MAJ James is a future Battalion Commander.He is a talented leader and logistician, capable of leading a large number of Soldiers and accomplishing any mission.His maturity and skill set well exceed his peers.He is the type of officer that could excel in any position, in any unit.He is a “plug and play” type guy.You could stick him in any position and he would figure out how to succeed.He displays and enormous amount of initiative and self-motivation.Continue to challenge this officer with the toughest assignments.I know he will excel.Unlimited potential.Promote ahead of peers.

Sample Senior Rater Bullets # 2

A self-starter with the honed ability to operate autonomously in challenging environments best describes this capable young commander.During the rating period, this commander improved the overall readiness indicators for his company, to include DMOSQ, Non-Val Pay, Strength, Medical Readiness, and educational posture for the Soldiers under his charge.During the 56th Presidential Inauguration, he led his Soldiers to man a key traffic control point without incident and ensured the security of his operational space.He shows acumen for complex logistical challenges that will serve him well in positions of greater responsibility.This fine officer will succeed.

Sample Senior Rater Bullets # 3

CPT Snuffy is a superb officer with unlimited potential for advancement.He completed a successful Company Command where his company continued to improve and excel in all aspects of support operations: OR rating, Maintenance Readiness and Recruiting and Retention.In addition to his exceptional leadership skills, he is also a talented staff officer, planner and logistician.CPT Snuffy’s skill-set and experience exceeds that of his peers.He will excel in troop leadership and staff positions.He was selected to become the S4 of a MACOM, an O4 position.He as a very bright future ahead of him, promote ahead of peers.

Sample Rater & Senior Rater Army OER Bullet Comments - Citizen Soldier Resource Center (2)

Sample Senior Rater Bullets # 4

During this rating period CPT James performed far beyond his years of experience.Even though his primary responsibilities were as a logistical planner, he was able to contribute significantly to the CPXs and preparation of the MRX.CPT James performed all tasks assigned to him during this period under very stressful and contentious conditions.He always maintained a professional demeanor and earned the respect of his peers and superiors.CPT James is a truly talented officer and has the potential to serve on battalion and brigade level staffs very successfully.Upon completion of this assignment, he should be afforded the opportunity to command at the company level as soon as possible in order to round out his experience at the junior officer level.

Sample Senior Rater Bullets # 5

CPT Smith has performed exceptionally as an officer and Company Commander while in command of A Company.The company completed all assigned missions, to include a high profile mission during AT-09 supporting the U.S. Marine Corps.CPT Smith has increased the strength of his company and developed an awards recognition program that has raised morale in his unit.CPT Smith has received recognition in his support of INARNG recruiting efforts and should be considered a valuable asset to the INARNG in the future ahead of him.He should be promoted at first opportunity.

The Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE) documents an employee’s leadership potential to serve in positions of increased responsibility and grade. Comments made the by senior rater are among the most important parts of the SRPE. Therefore, it is imperative that senior raters understand its purpose and use language that will accurately and effectively convey the employee’s leadership potential. ~ Army Writer

Final Thoughts

When you are writing Army OER Rater & Senior Rater Bullets and Comments yourself, make sure you use the right words. Be as specific as possible and use numbers, percentages, and whatever specific achievements you can find. This is much better than creating a generic OER. You owe it to your people (whether they are good, average, or bad) to write accurate and detailed OERs. To do this, you must make sure you make the time to do their counseling AND you take your time preparing the OER itself.

What are your thoughts? Please share any sample rater or senior rater Army OER Bullets and Comments you have with the rest of our community. Just leave a comment below to do so.

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What is an example of a senior rater in Oer? ›

He is a talented leader and logistician, capable of leading a large number of Soldiers and accomplishing any mission. His maturity and skill set well exceed his peers. He is the type of officer that could excel in any position, in any unit. He is a “plug and play” type guy.

When creating bullets for the ncoer what kind of comments should you use to explain areas where the rated NCO is particularly strong or needs improvement? ›

The rater will answer each question by placing an “X” in either the 'yes' or 'no' box. Bullets comments are used to explain any area where the rated NCO is particularly strong or needs improvement. Bullet comments are mandatory for a 'no' rating and must be specific.

How do you write an OER? ›

OER Structure

The form begins with the officer's demographic data, followed by the raters' names. Next begins the officer's duty description, then the meat of the performance evaluation. Once you evaluate the officer based on performance records and facts, you will decide whether he excels or falls short.

What is Army senior rater option? ›

3–57. “ Senior Rater-Option” report

The senior rater may direct that a “SR–Option” report be made on any Soldier whom they senior rate when a change in senior rater occurs. This will apply only if the following conditions are met: (1) The senior rater has served in that position for at least 60 calendar days.

What is an example of an OER? ›

OER can include textbooks, course materials and full courses, modules, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge. An open source (or open) textbook is a textbook which is OER.

What percentage is senior rater most qualified? ›

The "MOST QUALIFIED" box check is limited to 24%. What is an immature profile and a small population? An immature profile is when the senior rater has rendered five (5) or fewer reports for a particular grade. A small population is when the senior rater's population is three (3) or less for a particular grade.

How do you write bullet points in answers? ›

How to write powerful bullet points
  1. Think of a bullet point as a mini headline. ...
  2. Highlight elements key to understanding the content of your article. ...
  3. Keep it simple. ...
  4. Keep bullets thematically related. ...
  5. Make your bullet points symmetrical . . . just like the ones here. ...
  6. Work in keywords. ...
  7. Don't overdo it.
Sep 13, 2022

How do you write effective bullet points? ›

Be specific about what you did and how you did it. Start your bullet points or statements with strong action verbs. Provide contextual details to inform the reader about the purpose of your work, the scope of the project, and what you produced or accomplished. Quantify your work and achievements where possible.

How do you write a bullet point report? ›

How to use bullet points
  1. Make sure all items in the list are related to each other.
  2. Use the same font and margin width in each bulleted point.
  3. Keep bullet points short, preferably no more than three lines long.
  4. Begin all items with the same part of speech (active verbs work well) and make sure they are in parallel form.

What is the OER technique? ›

OER are teaching, learning, and research resources released under an open license that permits their free use and repurposing by others. OERs can be textbooks, full courses, lesson plans, videos, tests, software, or any other tool, material, or technique that supports access to knowledge.

How do I know if something is an OER? ›

Any content that is available to use for teaching and learning, that has an open license, can be considered OER. You can find OER by using the search engines you already use, or by searching or browsing any of the OER repositories listed [within the link above].

What is open educational resources summary? ›

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning, teaching and research materials in any format and medium that reside in the public domain or are under copyright that have been released under an open license, that permit no-cost access, re-use, re-purpose, adaptation and redistribution by others.

What is the minimum time for senior raters in the Army? ›

The rater will be the supervisor for a minimum period of 90 calendar days. Members of allied armed forces are not authorized to be senior raters.

What is the minimum time for senior rater Army? ›

90 days is the minimum for the rater and SR. This policy has been in effect since the initial roll out of the SRPE in 2001.

What is the role of a senior rater? ›

Senior raters are responsible for the evaluation & to identify the best, as well as those who may need some work. As leaders, we must mentor and share experiences with subordinates (how to write evaluations, manage profiles, know what right looks like).

What are the 5 principles of OER? ›

The framework, which will be freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC BY), encourages educators to capitalize on the unique rights associated with open content also known as the 5Rs: the ability Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and Redistribute content for educational purposes.

How do you fight an OER? ›

The first way for an Officer to appeal an OER is through something called a Commander's or Commandant's Inquiry. Essentially, if any alleged error, injustice, or inaccuracy is brought to a Commander or Commandant, he/she can conduct an inquiry to determine if relief is warranted.

What are the problems with OERs? ›

Disadvantages of OERs include:
  • Quality issues. ...
  • Lack of human interaction between teachers and students. ...
  • Language and/or cultural barriers. ...
  • Technological issues. ...
  • Intellectual property/copyright concerns. ...
  • Sustainability issues.

What is most qualified on Ncoer? ›

“MOST QUALIFIED” – identify NCOs with strong potential for promotion in the secondary zone; ahead of peers (Note: Senior rater cannot have more than 24% of total ratings in a grade to retain the MOST QUALIFIED label.)

What is highly qualified on Ncoer? ›

"HIGHLY QUALIFIED" – identifies NCOs with strong potential for promotion with peers. "QUALIFIED" – identifies NCOs who demonstrate potential to be successful at the next level; promote if able. "NOT QUALIFIED" – identifies NCOs who do not demonstrate potential for promotion; recommend separation.

What is the difference between rater and senior rater? ›

Additionally, on the Company and Field Grade Plates, raters will focus only on the Rated Soldier's performance while the Senior Rater (SR) is authorized to focus on performance and potential.

What do you say before bullet points? ›

3 Rules to Remember About A Sentence Before Bullet Points
  1. Colon for a Sentence Style List. Most lists are preceded by a complete sentence with a colon beside it. ...
  2. Colon for a Vertical List. Next, another method of listing items within a text is a vertical list. ...
  3. Colon for a Sentence List Using Numbers or Letters.

Can you answer exam questions in bullet points? ›

Use your answer plan to construct your answer. You should always write in full sentences, unless the question specifically asks you to “list”. Bullet point answers where an essay is expected, will, at best, receive HALF marks.

What is bulleted list answer? ›

Answer: Lists made with bullets are called bulleted lists. The HTML element name for a bulleted list is "unordered list", because the list items are not arranged in numerical order (as they would be in a numbered list). Usually, bullet points are used to list things.

How do you write a military bullet? ›

must be short, concise, and to the point. They cannot be longer than two lines, preferably one, and no more than one bullet to a line. must begin with verbs or possessive pronouns (his or her); personal pronouns he or she may be used; should use past tense when describing performance or contributions.

What is a positive of bullet points? ›

The purpose of bullet points:
  • • Draws attention to important information. • Improves the ability of the reader to scan information easily. ...
  • • ...
  • As with any formatting technique, overusing bullet points will detract from the overall goal in writing and formatting a business document.

What is an example of a bullet type? ›

There are many forms of bullets to choose from. The most common forms are the heavy black dot ( ● ) and the open circle ( ○ ). Other common bullet choices include squares (filled and open), diamonds, dashes and checkmarks.

How do you summarize bullet points in a paragraph? ›

The following tips will help you write effective bullet point summaries.
  1. 1) Make it clear. Make sure your bullet points uphold your message and clarify your sentence structure. ...
  2. 2) Keep it simple and short. Make sure that your words are short, concise, and powerful. ...
  3. 3) Use proper punctuation. ...
  4. 4) Proofread.

Can summary be written in bullet points? ›

If your summary is factual and you are outlining highlights and issues, then bullet points work well. In such a list each point is a separate fact or event and you do not need to show the interconnectedness between them.

What is bulleted summary format? ›

A bullet point is supposed to be a short summation of the key point that you want to make. It should not reveal all you know about the idea, or there is nothing left for you to say. For each idea you want to convey, consider what the key point is and put that as a bullet point.

What is the difference between OA and OER? ›

The longer answer is that Open Educational Resources (OER) represent a subset of Open Access (OA) material. OER are always Open Access, but not all OA materials are considered OER. Open Access materials incorporate all types of information that are freely available to the public.

What is the difference between free resources and open resources? ›

“Free” means that there is no required cost to access materials. It does not mean that users may also reuse, modify, or share the materials. When a resource is open, users know they can reuse and share the resource widely, so long as they abide by the terms of the creator.

What is active learning strategies peer review? ›

Peer review encourages active learning by engaging students in the feedback process rather than just passively receiving feedback from instructors. The peer review process provides opportunities for students to not only understand but also to apply knowledge. Peer review builds collaboration skills.

What is the difference between a resource and an activity? ›

Activities include a suggested time allocation, links to the curriculum, a suggested activity sequence (a set of sequenced steps) and links to resources needed. A resource is smaller in size and teachers or parents can select to use a resource on its own or as part of their own teaching and learning plan.

How often do you get an OER? ›

After you have been in a duty position for 12 months, you would receive an annual report. You should always check it to make sure it is accurate.

What are the objectives of OER? ›

Advantages of using OER include: Expanded access to learning – can be accessed anywhere at any time. Ability to modify course materials – can be narrowed down to topics that are relevant to course. Enhancement of course material – texts, images and videos can be used to support different approaches to learning.

What does federal education law say about OERs? ›

Federal policy

The Act encourages OER use in the following areas. §4102(3)(A) allows for the use of openly licensed content for digital learning. §4104(b)(3)(C)(vi) notes that states can use funds to make instructional content widely available through open educational resources.

What are the benefits of OER for faculty? ›

OER allow revising and remixing of content so that faculty can teach exactly what they want to teach and how they want to teach it. OER remove price barriers, saving students money and making it possible for everyone to have their own copy of required course materials from the first day of class.

What is senior rater potential evaluations? ›

The Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE) documents an employee's leadership potential to serve in positions of increased responsibility and grade. Comments made the by senior rater are among the most important parts of the SRPE.

What rank should you be after 7 years in the Army? ›

Sergeant first class (E-7) -- six years. Master sergeant/first sergeant (E-8) -- eight years. Sergeant major (E-9) -- nine years.

How many years can an E7 stay in the Army? ›

Army Retention Control Point
RankTotal Years Active Service
E7 including promotable24 years
E826 years
E8 promotable30 years
E930 years
5 more rows
Mar 10, 2023

Can a SGT rate another SGT? ›

Typically, it will be from the perspective of being in charge of you. For example: If the Platoon Sergeant is an E-6, and the Squad Leader is an E-6, the Platoon Sergeant can counsel the Squad Leader – and even rate him – as long as he is senior in grade (See AR 623-3 on Rater requirements).

Can a 1SG be a rater? ›

If the 1SG is the individual who is directly responsible for supervising the daily activities of the supply sergeant, it would be appropriate for him to be the rater.

Can a SFC be a 1SG? ›

1SG is the top enlisted position in a company. A SFC/E-7 can be appointed to the position, and exercise the authority therein, but will not actually wear the rank of 1SG/E-8.

What is a good senior rater comment in the Army? ›

He possesses untapped potential to excel and should be placed in only the most demanding position. He is in the top one percent of the senior NCOs I rate. His careful analysis and proactive action achieve the optimal balance of operational and strategic perspectives.

What skills do you need to be a rater? ›

Rater skills

An understanding of how search engines work and how people use and search the internet are crucial skills for handling rater responsibilities. A rater often evaluates the algorithms that search engines use, and the rater has to understand the process to evaluate performance properly.

Who can be a senior rater? ›

Personnel authorized to serve as senior raters:

An officer or NCO of the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Coast Guard, or a DOD civilian (or non-appropriated fund employee). Senior executive service (SES) members serving in DOD positions. Ambassadors serving at U.S. Consulates.

What is the role of the senior rater? ›

Senior Raters will assess the rated NCO's potential compared to all NCOs of the same rank: − “MOST QUALIFIED” = the rated NCO's potential exceeds that of the majority of NCOs in the Senior Rater's population.

What are the qualifications of a rater? ›

The primary qualifications for becoming an online rater are a bachelor's degree and several years of experience using the internet. Many online raters are bilingual and rate ads and sites in multiple languages.

What are the job duties of a rater? ›

What Is the Job of a Rater? A rater is a person who conducts tests, gathers data, and determines a rating for specific applications. They are often responsible for measuring and evaluating quality to improve the systems and processes of a company.

Can you be rater and senior rater? ›

Also , can the senior rater and the reviewer be of same person who is an SES? It is my understanding that the rater and Senior Rater can be the same person but that the reviewer must be another person. If there is not a military person in the rating chain an enlisted evaluation should be reviewed by a senior NCO.

What is the minimum time for senior raters? ›

When possible, due to the purpose and longevity of these evaluations, rater/senior raters should be in an individual's chain of command for 6 months before rating individuals. 90 days is the minimum for the rater and SR. This policy has been in effect since the initial roll out of the SRPE in 2001.

Who is the senior rater for a team leader? ›

The senior rater would probably be the company commander and the reviewer would probably be the battalion commander.

What is rater in assessment? ›

Rater effects in assessment are defined as the idiosyncrasies that exist in rater behaviors and cognitive process. They are composed of two aspects: the analysis of raw rating and rater cognition.

What is rater accuracy in performance appraisal? ›

Performance-rating accuracy has generally been defined as the relationship between actual employee behavior (“true” score) and employee behavior that has been recorded by a rater (performance rating). The stronger the relationship between true scores and performance ratings, the more accurate the performance rating.

What is performance evaluation for potential evaluation? ›

While performance evaluation focuses on employees' performance over a period, the potential review aims to evaluate candidates' latent skills and talents. Both performance and potential review play an important role in career development and growth.

What is evaluation rating? ›

More Definitions of Evaluation Rating

Evaluation Rating . The final summative evaluation level that is assigned to a teacher based on the holistic review of all Evaluation Factors, observed during the Evaluation Cycle. The rating shall be “Accomplished”, “Skilled”, “Developing”, or “Ineffective”.


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