Exploring the Finest City Map Creator, Builder, and Generator Options (2023)

In the realm of worldbuilding, city mapping stands as a cornerstone, enabling creators to breathe life into their fictional settings. A multitude of tools cater to this need, ranging from generators to builders, each offering distinct advantages to worldbuilders, authors, and game masters.

1. World Anvil: Your Comprehensive Worldbuilding Hub

World Anvil emerges as a multifaceted platform lauded for its prowess in city creation, settlement mapping, and region detailing. This platform, adorned with accolades such as Writers Digest awards and ENnie Gold awards, presents an array of worldbuilding templates designed to inspire and organize city-centric elements seamlessly. Its interactive maps facilitate the pinning of information onto images, fostering an interconnected and manageable world.

2. DonJon Fantasy Town Generator: Quick and Engaging Creations

For those in search of rapid medieval fantasy city creation, DonJon stands as an exceptional choice. This tool excels in delivering Tolkien-esque or Dungeons and Dragons-style information alongside randomly generated maps. Its toggling options for town size, biome, race, coastal settings, and cultural nuances enrich the generated content, catering splendidly to Dungeon Masters and authors seeking immediate inspiration.

3. Watabou Fantasy Town Generator: Flexibility and Customizability

Watabou elevates the game by offering a fast yet highly adaptable city map generator. Its distinguishing feature lies in the provision of extensive customization, allowing alterations in map shapes and intricate adjustments through warp tools. The ability to edit generated names and toggling presets amplifies its suitability for fantasy and historical fiction writers, offering a more versatile setting-neutral map creation experience.

4. Cityographer: Melding Functionality with Old-School Aesthetics

Cityographer, albeit leaning toward a vintage Dungeons and Dragons aesthetic, stands as a downloadable freemium software boasting comprehensive functionality. While its hex-based mapping might not align with modern preferences, its autogeneration of NPCs, shops, and setting details renders it a decent choice for classic fantasy enthusiasts seeking detailed city maps.

5. Project Deios and Inkarnate: Unveiling Advanced City Mapping Potential

Both Project Deios and Inkarnate offer browser-based, asset-placing tools for city mapping. While Project Deios promises ultimate control over asset placement and integrates splendid artwork from Caeora, its imminent release and affiliation with World Anvil amplify its anticipation. Meanwhile, Inkarnate, with its freemium model, provides a browser-based toolset ideal for crafting advanced city maps and region landscapes, catering well to diverse creative needs.

6. Flowscape: 3D Modeling for Immersive City Scenes

Flowscape diverges from traditional cartography tools, offering a 3D modeling experience for crafting immersive city scenes. Despite not being primarily designed for cartography, its capabilities in placing building assets and creating bird's-eye view snapshots render it a unique choice for those seeking a multidimensional perspective in city map creation.

Concluding Thoughts

The quest for the ultimate city map creator, builder, or generator thrives on diversity and specificity. Each tool mentioned caters to distinct preferences, ranging from swift generation to meticulous customization. World Anvil remains a comprehensive hub, while DonJon and Watabou serve those craving immediate inspiration and flexible customization, respectively. Cityographer, Project Deios, Inkarnate, and Flowscape each carve their niche in the domain of city mapping, offering diverse approaches and functionalities to satiate the creative hunger of worldbuilders, authors, and game masters alike.


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